A Journey Beyond the Sex Industry

This book was written as a recovery manual for those in the adult industry who plan to quit or already have and want to assimilate into mainstream life and heal.


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As the only book of its kind, “Life After Lust: A Journey Beyond the Sex Industry” is a comprehensive guide written by a former sex worker that covers numerous aspects of transitioning out of sex work, even those that are typically left undiscussed. It will prepare you for the upcoming rollercoaster and can be used as roadmap for how to heal.

Inside “Life After Lust,” you will find:
• How childhood influences who you are
• Stigma, self-blame, healthy boundaries
• Uncomfortable disclosures, pimps, stalkers
• Physical/mental health, body image, addiction
• New career opportunities with resources
• Budgeting, fixing credit, legal situations
• Sexual after-effects, trauma therapies
• Spirituality, values, misaligned beliefs

If you—or a loved one—is thinking about leaving sex industry work, this book is the encouraging, and practical resource you need to re-parent yourself with nurturing guidance and support every step of the way. The powerful insights, practical advice, and resources will make you feel like you are talking with a trusted friend who cares and has your back.

     It is easy to get involved in the sex industry, but putting that world behind you and successfully healing takes a lot more than just quitting. Not only is there often a public record of what you did for work, it is common to also be brainwashed, suffer emotional/physical/mental abuse, contract infections, have to deal with legal ramifications, spiritual conflicts, toxic relationships, and long-term stigma. Sex workers are looked down upon by society that publicly rejects them, so healing the damage done can be tough. Many times, people are so glad to be done with sex work they never look back nor acknowledge that they were hurt by it. The reality is that there are long-term consequences and side effects from being involved, and knowing what they are can help you heal. The author has experienced this firsthand and now helps others move forward with their lives.
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